the effect of social media

now i would like to tell about my argument with the motion is thbt the efect of social networking.

Now is modern effort, at social media, we can get everything fast as we want. Everythingsuch as money, friends, information and so on. Now, you know there are many social networking on social media for example, that can help you get some benefit. Social media have many program which can entertaint us and help us sometime. But beside that, there are the positive and negative side from social media and social networking. So we must becarefull of this media. In order to avoid from the negative we must learn about the effect.

  1.  Education side

Negative : I even have read “Bobo” magazine, they said that people all over the world use up more than 700 quintillion minutes every month for open SOCIAL MEDIA such us facebook.  That will disturb our study time. Maybe some student say that they will open SOCIAL MEDIA and SOCIAL NETWORKING if they feel boring. But actually, they will enjoy it and they will open it every time even though that is study time.

Positive :  the positive of SOCIAL NETWORKING and SOCIAL MEDIA is… we are a student, some times, if we can’t send a data by flash disk for some reason, such as we have no flash disk, we’re in a hurry and so on, we can use SOCIAL NETWORKING for share jjdata and we can use SOCIAL MEDIA such as hp for share data. I even tried this.

and we can share each other about knowledge and information about averything in SOCIAL NETWORKING and SOCIAL MEDIA, like tell our friend about the homework and discuss about something with teacher that can help us to finish our HW. We can also use SOCIAL MEDIA for search acknowledge which we need for finish HW.

  1. Social side

Negative : like what i search on internet, many people said the SOCIAL NETWORKING make adolscent will not pay attention to their area. They will focuss just on SOCIAL MEDIA and forget the environment. That will make they become careless with they surrondings.

many crime people out side. If we not becarefully, we can get any crime accident like robbing, kidnap, hack. as we know

Positive :  have some friends. An adolscent will feel happy if they have a lot of friends. SOCIAL NETWORKING’s made for help people have a lot of friends in the world. FE, me, i have some friends from foreign country. If i want to talk with them, i must use english. But i have a lot of mistake at that languange, i tried to said “sorry” to them “im not good in english” but they said “it’s oke, let have a practice with me, so your english will become good” or gh“it’s oke, speak in english is not an easy thing. You’re doing well”  like that. So beside i can get a lot of friends, i also can learn from them about english, their country and their culture.

  1. Economic

Negative : like what i said before, robbing. In SOCIAL NETWORKING many people do online shoping. In SOCIAL NETWORKING shoping online is a ordinary. But if we not carefully, we will get rob or trick. Open SOCIAL NETWORKING at SOCIAL MEDIA such as Hp need a pulse, for get pulse we need money. Usually when we open SOCIAL NETWORKING we will open it in a long time. So we will need somepulse, and some money.

Positive :  we can get some money from do online shop. But not tricking some one. We can sell something that can result money, a legal money. Many people became sucsessfull becouse of legal online shop.

  1. Healthy

Negative : when we open SOCIAL MEDIA in a long time, we will get ill. It’s not good for our brain, eyes, and aour back bone. Sit in front of SOCIAL MEDIA in a long time will make our back bone and eyes broke.  We will get headcache.

many smartphone have been  launched. Postscript students keep pace with the times will be using this type of hand phon. they will bring their hand phone for display and sharing data. smart phone has a very bad impact if it continues to be taken, the students that every day every time they continue to carry the hand phone will be exposed to radiation. Moreover they use smart phone. radiation to be released is much larger than usual. this will cause many diseases that arise as a result driven by the radiation. such as infertility.


Positive : we can get some information about healty in SOCIAL MEDIA.


All right. So my conclusion is SOCIAL MEDIA bring more harm but bring more good too. Now, come back to our self. think about what and how do we can do so that we can do more the good thing than the harm thing of SOCIAL NETWORKING. If we do good things, the out came is good too. But if we do a bad thing, the out came will bad too. So just do the positive action, dont do the negative.

That’s all about my argument, thank you very much for the attention and have a nice day.



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