debate : pro : children shouln’t be on tv

Nama kelompok :

  1. 1.      Ni putu angga manik                        (16)
  2. 2.      Ayu putu wida vanhita         (20)
  3. 3.      I gede suarbawa putra          (28)
  4. 4.      I wayan nico setiawan          (27)

The motion is Children should not be on tv

  1. 1.      Education (wida vanhita as first speaker)

Because being an actor ,it will cost him a lot of time,so there isn’t enough time left to study. Being an actor in young old is good, they can improve their hobby, like acting, singing, dancing and so on, but if they foccus only at “being famous actor”  and get some money, that too false, why? Becouse they will leave their school, they will not care about their school grades, there so many child actrees have bad school grades. There so many child actrees that leave their school for entertainment world, for “being a famous actor” and get some money. There so many child actrees that have drop out “DO” by their school becouse their bad price. And at last they will not success in everything, in theirschool, their social image. For example, the child actor that have a contract to be main actor in saries movie, that will cost a lot of his time to shooting. From morning until next morning. If like that, when the child actor have a time for study?.

  1. 2.      Social (angga manik as second speaker)

A child actor loses a lot of happiness that every common child has. Many child actor cost their time just for work, work and work. Because they famous so many tv station, house production offered them to be the main actor, play a advertisement. That will cost their time to feel how be a child. For example, we who not an actor can playing playstation whenever we want, can study, get some friends, play together, talk together and so on, but they? What are they do when we are playing? They are work. Childreen who be an artist cannot

  1. 3.      Phisicology / health (gede suarbawa as third speaker)

the entertainment world is very hard. If they cannot past, they will be stress.

If they are very good in acting, singing, in entertainment world, they will be have a lot of issu of he or she, even though bad or good issu, if they accept the bad issue, they will be stress of it.

There can be an child abuse by their parents.

  1. 4.      Conclusion (nico setiawan as replays speaker)

As we said before, being actor or always be on tv is not for children.  Being actor is very hard, let see the disadvantage is

  1. Child labor is aganst the law.
  2. Children should live in their real world.
  3. Children on tv tends to be exploited.

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