story of jaya prana


Once upon a time, there was a couple, a wife and husband that have  four children in kalianget kingdom. They are poor family but they’re live happily. Suddenly there was an natural disaster fall upon the kingdom community and all of this family died together except the third son,  named I Jayaprana. So he became alone without father, mother a brother and sister.  Because of this latter situation an orphan, so he encouraged his self and work at palace. In the palace, the man was very industrious, the king was affection for him.

The King          :  hey you, jayaprana. You’re so kindly and dilligent boy.

Jayaprana       :   ohh Your majesty, i’m so glad you coming here. Thank you very much your majesty.

The king          :  it’s oke, you are reasonable to get it. So go to your bedroom and take a rest. You have already work during twenty four hours.

Jayaprana       : as you said your majesty.

Now I Jayaprana twelve years old. He was very handsome boy and working day by day.  So the king want to jayaprana became his children.

A few years later.

One day the king decreed I Jayaprana, for choose a lady’s maid in the palace or the girl who was outside the palace. At first jayaprana refuse the King’s decreed for the reason because he still young for married. But the king forced jayaprana day by day, and jayaprana acceptance the king’s decreed. So jayaprana went out from palace to market for search a very special girl that can be his wife. Suddenly he saw layon sari and fallin love at the first sight.

After the girl slipped behind the people who are in the market, then I Jayaprana quickly returned to the palace would report presented to His Majesty, the King

The King          : do you have meet the girl, my son?

Jayaprana        : yess i have Your Majesty.. i have already met a beautiful girl at market.  I will marry she.

The King          : ohh good boy. Now i will meeting with my department. do your job, there are many problem outside.

Jayaprana        : as you said Your majesty.

After that The King writed a letter and told Jayaprana for give the family of girl who he loved. The girl’s family very accepted and said “agree”. So Jayaprana back to palace and tell the king.  In the palace, the king was holding court in the pavilion.

I Jayaprana      : Your Majesty, i have already give your letter for their.

The King          : what are they said?

I JayaPrana     : they said agree.

The king          : okk.. all of my department, Tell all of district that on Tuesday i will hold an party wedding for my son, jayaprana.

The ministry    : as you said your majesty.

Toward the wedding day, all of the buildings are completed. everything was beautiful. Now the wedding day arrives, I Jayaprana accompanied by his guard pick layonsari up to the party. The King was sitting on the throne. Then came I Jayaprana and layonsari in front of the palace. Then they must worshiped to The King, at this time something impossible to happen’s happened that The King fallin love with beautiful face of layonsari. But that is a wife of Jayaprana. So he left layonsari for married with his son.

The King can’t throw his feeling, So The king tell the ministry about all of he felt with Layonsari and wanted to kill jayaprana by told him to went to celuk terima village.

The King          : jayaprana, my son. Tommorow I want you go to celuk village with saunggaling. To check the village.yesterday there are unknown ship. I worried if that is our enemy’s

Jayaprana        : as you said your Majesty. But do saunggaling have already agree?

The King          : ohh sure.. now take a rest for tommorow.

In the night layonsari woke up because she have a bad dream.

Layonsari         : honey, plis wake up..

Jayaprana        : what’s happen honey?

Layonsari         : i have a bad dream. Please dont go anywhere tommorow

Jayapran          : im sorry i cant. I must do this job, because this is decreed of the King.

layonsari         : but….

jayaprana        : come on honey, that just a dream.. so contineud your sleep.

Because of jayaprana unbelieveable about all of layonsari said so he leave at morning. At the journey I saunggaling give jayaprana a letter..

Heyy you jayaprana

Useless men

You are a walking around

I told him to kill you..

Your sin is very big

Your action is overstep the King’s action

Your wife is mine

I’ll take it and become my wife

Commit your soul now

Dont againts

Dont remember she

She will become mine until the end of time

After Jayaprana read the letter. He cry.

Saunggaling    : why you cry jaya?

Jayaprana        : ,…….  so you will kill me?

Saunggaling    : yes.. i must do it.. please dont cry jaya.. i cant kill you if you cry..

Jayaprana        : ohh my god.. what should i do now?If thiis the best for my father who have take care me. it’s oke.. you can kill me..

Saunggaling    : i’m so sorry jaya..

Then saunggaling stab him kris at jayaprana’s stomach. And jayaprana die. But after that the strange in the sky, the earthquake, hurricanes, and rain flowers happens. The news about an murder of jayaprana have heard by layon sari.. layon sari crying and killed herself.

Layonsari         : ohh my honey jayaprana,, why you leave me to fast? I cant life without you. Heyy you the King .. what do you do with my husband… ?? why you killed him? He is your son.. are you crazy??

The king          : stop crying.. sari.. he’s not important, come on marry me..

Layonsari         : although you are the one men in the world i will not do that..

The king          : no sari… no.. dont leave me.. i have no family.. im very regret. Im so dark because of my thinking.. im sorry jayaprana, im sory sari.. now for think of both of you.. i will build a big graves for you and my son..

Then layon sari take the King’s kris and killed herself.. Thus the contents of a short story that a couple who just spend their honeymoon on a week with their pure love, but got a hindrance from the king and finally died together. The people of the Kingdom decided to bring the body of Layonsari to the forest where Jayaprana was killed to unite them in death and two graves were built. One grave for Jayaprana and Layonsari and another grave for Patih Sawung Galing who was the man destined to guard the graves forever. Now we can find the grave of this couple in taman nasional Bali barat at teluk terima, gilimanuk.


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